[Gllug] Phone unlocking

Ashley Evans ashley at seamlessrecruitment.com
Mon Aug 2 14:48:24 UTC 2004

Richard Jones wrote:

>People like: http://www.unlock123.com will apparently allow me to
>unlock my Orange Nokia phone (not that I've used them, nor am I
>recommending them).
>You type in the IMEI, phone model, and crucially your credit card
>number, and it gives you a number that you tap into the phone.
>This suggests that there's a simple algorithm involved for converting
>IMEI + model -> code.  Is this so?  Is there free software out there
>for doing this?

With it being so hot in the office I have not got too much of an 
inclination to do "real" work atm so I decided to start a 
mini-investigation.  No conclusions so far and I'm waiting for Orange 
(notorious "lockers") to get back to me, preferably with the algorithm 
itself, however, this is unlikly. As I spoke with a gentleman in the 
Press Office there is a 99.9% chance that I won't be called back :)

I orginally contacted various Nokia telephone numbers abut this but was 
informed that the locking is added to the phone (firmware, I presume) by 
the network operators themselves. Not sure if this really is the case.

Maybe my first question should be "Does, fundementally, this algorithm 
require you credit card number?"


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