[Gllug] Connecting up a 2.5" HDD in a normal PC

Kelv kelv at jml.net
Sun Aug 15 22:06:11 UTC 2004

Chris Bell wrote:
 > On Sun 15 Aug, John Winters wrote
>>This is the A3020, which was their economy version of the Archimedes. 
>>Everything (including the PSU) is on one big circuit board, which it has
>>to be said is a very neat piece of design.
>    I thought it was slightly less basic than the 3000

Puts on Acorn hat.

That's right. The A3000 had an 8Mhz ARM2, while the A3010 and 3020 had a 
12Mhz ARM250 which integrated VIDC, IOC and MEMC into the processor itself.

The other nice thing was the high density disk controller meant you 
could write 1.6Mb to a disk (and thus PC 1.44Mb disks) whereas with the 
3000 you were stuck with 800k / 720k DOS.

As regards transplanting the drive into a PC via a 2.5' adapter, I had 
to do the same with the drive from a dead K6 laptop a couple of months 
back. It worked very well.

Kelv :)
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