[Gllug] Re: MySQL Bashing - very very cheap hosting

Martin A. Brooks martin at clues.ltd.uk
Sun Aug 22 16:15:36 UTC 2004

Jonathan Hartley wrote:

> I've used the major proprietary databases for Geographic Information 
> System work (ie. maps), and I was about to install MySql at home to 
> teach myself about it and see what GIS / spatial stuff could be 
> achieved with Open Source tools. Since this list has established that 
> maybe MySql isn't all I was expecting it to be, can I ask whether 
> PostgreSql is any better? Are there any other projects that you guys 
> would recommend me to check out as a GIS/spatial database server?

In fairness the vast majority of people who use or will use MySQL will 
most likely have no problems with it.  However postgres is mature, 
robust, polished and nearly feature complete database.  If you can't 
afford Oracle, postgres is your best bet.


Martin A. Brooks, Clues Ltd.

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