[Gllug] Phone unlocking

Huw Lynes huw-l at moving-picture.com
Tue Aug 3 08:38:23 UTC 2004

On Tue, 03 Aug 2004 08:59:28 +0100
Jonathan Dye <jon at pecorous.co.uk> wrote:

> Huw Lynes wrote:
> > Except for their flagrant disregard of OBEXftp in favour of SynchML which
> > makes getting files off your mobile under linux a pain in the arse. My
> > 6600 is the last phone I shall be buying off Nokia. 
> Hmm, I'm just about to recieve a phone which uses SynchML, are there any 
> programs for linux which will sync with it at all?  I'm not too worried 
> because the phone is free so I'm not going to complain but it would be 
> nice to do transfers to/from it.

If it's not a nokia it might support both SynchML and OBEXftp in which case
use the latter under linux. I spent most of the weekend digging around for
SynchML support under linux and couldn't find any. Of course that doesn't mean
it doesn't exist. There is a simple program called obexserver under linux that
allows you to use OBEXpush to send files from your mobile to the computer but
I couldn't get it to compile and I get the impression that no-one has looked
at it in quite a while.

On a happier note Bluetooth worked pretty much out of the box on my fedora 3t1
box. kdebluetooth really worked out of the box, allows you to browse your
bluetooth devices in konqueror.

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