[Gllug] FC2 with 2.4 kernel rpms?

Rob Crowther robertc at boogdesign.com
Sat Aug 28 17:09:19 UTC 2004

Garry Heaton wrote:
> I had it working fine on FC1 but it won't be supported after mid-Sept. so
> I'm wondering if I can run 2.4 within FC2? Anybody have any experience of
> this? What are the gotchas?
I've not really got much in the way of help, but you will be able to get 
support (in the way of RPMs for security fixes) from the Fedora Legacy 
project (www.fedoralegacy.org) for at least 6 months after the official 
FC1 EOL date.  I have a RH9 machine at work that I update this way.  It 
won't resolve your problem, but it might allow you to run FC1 long 
enough that the driver issues with the 2.6 kernel get resolved?

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