[Gllug] sending mail inside nt-based lan

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Fri Feb 6 11:48:11 UTC 2004

It's entirely possible, if they're NT network admins, that outbound
port 25 is open from your LAN to the big bad world.  Work out who the
company uses as an ISP (traceroute), go to that ISP's support page,
find the SMTP host they suggest using, use that...

I did a similar thing upon discovering that the NT-based web proxy at
an old work was the reason it took minutes to load most web pages, and
used the ISP's proxy instead.

Of course, these network geniuses were so good that they didn't even
notice the port scan I did to find open outbound ports...  But their
auditor had told them to close outbound ssh, because it was a security
risk but they couldn't tell me why because that would also be a
security risk.  (Long story short, outbound FTP port was open, changed
my home machine to accept ssh on that port.)

Doing any of this kind of stuff may be hazardous to your employment if
someone turns out to have a clue.

Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net>

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