FW: [Gllug] Linux DRM?

Murray KDE kdeuser234 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 21:20:34 UTC 2004

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> From: Mamading Ceesay
> If you google on bbc and "creative archive", 
> you'll see that DRM is not
> necessary for BBC's project.  What they 
> need is bittorrent with a front
> end for searching for specific content.

Thing is, Creative Archive != Interactive Media
Player.  They are related, but separate it would seem.

Also, DRM "not necessary" != "not used".  Their stuff
is still copyright, even if it's available for free,
and the ability to have it online != available until
the end of time in all cases.

Which brings me right back to wondering if there is
any DRM technology compatible with linux, because it's
hard to argue for support of a platform if it is
missing and is integral to what they need to offer
such a service.  

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