[Gllug] xfce - Re: Konqueror won't hold file associations

Stephan Bourgeois strangelv at lycos.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 08:35:39 UTC 2004

Sorry, it's not a direct fix to your problem, more of lateral thinking. 
This year I put Linux in two of my friends' computers. Both are the 
litterary type (read : "computers are so complicated / confusing"). I've 
installed Xfce, configured the panel with only the applications they use 
everyday, and set the file associations in xffm (the xfce filem 
manager). There is a lot to say *against* xffm in terms of user 
interface. But on the whole, xfce has meant my friends started right 
away to use their computer without thinking about it, and I have had 
very few "technical support" phonecalls. Xfce is still in development, 
but I've been using it since January, and even the stuff I've built from 
CVS is stable. Think about it...
Yours, Steph.
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