[Gllug] Re: Help with fonts in Gnome 2.4

Stephan Bourgeois strangelv at lycos.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 10:57:23 UTC 2004

Sorry for replying so late. The best document I read so far is the 
"XFree86 Font De-uglification Howto"

The problem of ugly fonts with RH[8-9] comes from redhat trying too hard 
to get everything to work with UTF. Change your LANG environment 
variable from en_GB-UTFxxxx to en_GB and gnumeric will display fonts 

OpenOffice has its own way of managing fonts, to tell OO you have added 
fonts to the system you have to run the "Open Office Printer 
Administration" app, oopadmin on the command line. Click on the <Fonts> 
button, then <Add>, etc...

I think that Suse or Mandrake were also licencing better quality fonts 
from Bitstream. I don't know if Fedora is making any effort in this 
direction. So far I have relied on the so-called Micro$oft webfonts to 
get a decent display of webpages.

I hope this helps. Stephan.

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