[Gllug] Undelete...?

Jason Clifford jason at ukpost.com
Thu Feb 5 17:09:07 UTC 2004

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, David Irvine wrote:

> However, theres nothing more annoying than going away from BOFH control 
> for a couple of days, safe in the knowlede that you've peeled all those 
> post-it notes with the really hard to remember root passwords scribbled 
> on them from your monitor, only to come back and discover that some 
> 'orrible so and so has added a feature to a config file and broken 
> everything else, if you had cvs functionality, you could just revert 
> that file back to the old one, or get a list of all the files
> which have changed and a diff of them etc, not much use to /var but 
> quite useful for configuration files.
> We use cvs for some config files in /etc/ and its proving very useful 
> but if you do forget to commit or cvs add, your up a certain creek.

Firstly please stop putting your signature at the top of your replies.

As you know decent MUA's don't include anything below the sig separator in 
replies and that makes your messages laborious to reply to.

Surely your BOFH takes backups of everything under /etc at regular 

A cron job creating a gzip'd tarball of /etc wont take up much space and 
allows almost instant recovery from the kind of event you describe.

How does your CVS filesystem help you if it's the configuration for that 
service that is changed first? The same can of course be said for cron.

There is no substitute for competent management.

Jason Clifford
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