OT: Re: TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

Xander D Harkness xander at harkness.co.uk
Fri Feb 20 14:19:51 UTC 2004

Andrew Halliwell wrote:

>And verily, didst John Hearns announce to the hordes:
>>On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Kelv wrote:
>>>Unlike the natives, naturalized citizens can never become president 
>>>(like you'd want the job anyway!) so no you can't do all a native can.
>>I am a bear of little brain, but I thought Arnie was Austrian?
>Arnie isn't president.
>And never will be.
He is an actor, they have had one of those before :-)

 From the policies he has been implementing, they have often been fair 
and intended to be to the public benefit, such as requiring drivers in 
California to have valid drivers licences prior to be allowed to drive. 
(This has upset many Mexican's who bought drivers licences).  So maybe 
he will not cheat (such as having a relative publicly announce the who 
won prior to the close of the count), or win by fraud (pay $5,000 to 
have a load of voters who are not likely to vote for you ejected from 
the votors role.).

We might get a female :-)

This lady was dumped by her husband and subsequently decided to run 
against him - this could be very funny indeed :-)


Kind regards

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