[Gllug] Suggestions for VPN solution

Simon MORRIS simon.morris at cmtww.com
Sun Feb 22 19:53:08 UTC 2004

Hi all,

Wanting to pick your collective brains on this:

A network with 2 servers and a firewall:

* Server 1: Debian Woody, Postfix, LDAP, FTP, Courier, Apache
* Server 2: Mac OS X Server, File server
* Firewall: IPCop firewall. Server 1 lives in a DMZ, Server 2 on the
internal network

I'd like to implement a client VPN solution so laptop users (Mac OS X)
can reach the file server (server 2) from any internet location.

I'm not sure that there is enough kit available to provide a solution.
IPCop isn't able to provide VPN for mobile users in this way, I'm very
paranoid about terminating VPN connections on the mail server, and the
same for the internal file server.

There is also the problem of allowing access from the mailserver to the
file server if I allowed connections into there

I'm asking you (a) If I *had* to provide a solution using this kit where
should I allow VPN connections into and (b) if I had budget to buy
another box which VPN solution would be easiest or most secure for OS X
clients (preferably using the built in VPN client in Jaguar)

As always looking forward to any responses ;-)


PS. Option c, which I'm seriously considering is to tell them their
current network doesn't support VPN without some extra expenditure

Simon Morris
e: <simon.morris at cmtww.com>
GPG Key: 1024D/3F0C8BDF
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