[Gllug] Samba problem

will will at hellacool.co.uk
Tue Feb 10 12:07:51 UTC 2004

ben f wrote:
> what does your "security" value say?

security = domain

> If it's set to "security = domain" the server will be
> able to authenticate you by checking with an NT domain
> server. This is where your winbind separator becomes
> relevant. Check out smb.conf and nsswitch.conf
> (you've got winbind under passwd, right?)

Um, no ;)  This is a new subject to me.  I have added winbind to the 
passwd and group lines of the nsswitch.conf file:

passwd:     files winbind
shadow:     files
group:      files winbind

And also changed the winbind separator to '/' in the smb.conf config 
file.  Now if I specify a user directly eg:

valid users = jessop_w

I can mount the share :-).  The only problem is that the groups don't 
seem to be working.  I ideally want this:

valid users = @DirectEnglish

(jessop_w is a member of that group).  When I use this syntax I cannot 
mount the share (access denied).

Also, at the moment, I have to make the unix file permissions on the 
shared directory writable by all, I can't see any way of setting the 
group permissions of the directory based on the NT group.  I would 
rather not make the perms 777 on the directory.

> You may already know that! ;)

I wish ;)

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