[Gllug] Samba problem

ben f ben_m_f at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 10 12:11:56 UTC 2004

 --- will <will at hellacool.co.uk> wrote: > ben f wrote:

> valid users = jessop_w
> I can mount the share :-). 

That's great (sorry to ask this, but that user does
only exist in the NT domain, right? So you are sure
it's using that account!) wbinfo is good for checking
stuff like this!

> The only problem is that
> the groups don't 
> seem to be working.  I ideally want this:
> valid users = @DirectEnglish

nt groups! I wish I could get this working! IIRC the 
version of samba I'm using (2.2.5) doesn't like
converting nt group ids to their names. Though wbinfo
works a treat...

I believe later versions of samba fix this. I've not
corrected it yet as it's not a necessity..

> (jessop_w is a member of that group).  When I use
> this syntax I cannot 
> mount the share (access denied).
again, you might want to use wbinfo to see just what's
going on...
> Also, at the moment, I have to make the unix file
> permissions on the 
> shared directory writable by all, I can't see any
> way of setting the 
> group permissions of the directory based on the NT
> group.  I would 
> rather not make the perms 777 on the directory.

man smb.conf - it's verbose but I'm sure it will give
you many ideas.



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