[Gllug] Debian or Fedora

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 15:03:26 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 12:37, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> Apt is a high-level package management tool, designed both as a
> front-end to dpkg and a tool for synchronising the local package
> database with arbitrary remote package archives.  It is quite unfair to
> compare that with rpm.  Compare apt with yum or urpmi, instead, since
> those tools are aimed at the same level.  It is valid to point out that
> the Red Hat stable of distributions hasn't yet produced a tool with the
> maturity of Apt, but that isn't going to be true for much longer.

Debian fans often go on about about apt, and suggest that it's superior
to anything equivalent. That's not in itself a position I disagree with,
but I'd personally say that even after the RedHat based distros have a
package framework as good as, or better than apt, Debian will still
likely be better. That's because I think the strength of Debian is the
consistent quality of the packages and their level of integration with
the system as a whole, which is a result of the Debian policy and the
network of Debian developers who make the whole thing hand together.

The Debian project leader's comment on comparing apt to Debian policy 
was succint and to the point: "Don't be too proud of this technological
terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is
insignificant next to the power of the Force."

Oh actually, that was someone else, wasn't it...... :-)


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