[Gllug] 3 and linux

Murray gllug at minty.org
Sat Feb 14 13:35:02 UTC 2004

As others said, afaik, three are doing what every other failed network
operator before them has attempted, and operating a walled garden to their

Offering a data tariff that would allow you to hookup to the 'net would seem
to me their killer app.  Hey ho, I've met a few people who having dealt with
them (& not as customers) are of the opinion three!=clue.   At least offer a
damn tariff for it.

I've been with Orange for years, and very happy.  They claim to match any
tariff on a competitors network, I don't know if this includes Three.

Orange also have the cheapest (consumer) gprs rates, at a little over £1 per
Mb.  Compare to T-Mobile at £7.50 per Mb!  Of course, if you are corporate,
they will drop to ~£0.30 per Mb (inc Vat), but that is only if you use their
card & their windows only software.

Interesting point : They are all charging per Mb.  Including for wap over
gprs.  And yet none of them do any compression, which given email/wap/html
compress so well, is urm....

ssh -C makes the world of difference.  I've also been wondering if there
might be a tiny business in offering a high compression proxy server, as it
appears with some ad-blocking and aggressive image compression, you can
achieve 20-50% compression on web surfing and even at £0.30 per Mb, it
quickly adds up.  It's improved my commute no end having web, email and ssh
access on the train.

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