[Gllug] logitec usb headset freezes mandrake 9.2

Will Napier will at thinkingsuccess.com
Sat Feb 14 11:50:50 UTC 2004

So the USB subsystem is seeing it being plugged in.

>My guess is that you will find no Linux support for this device,
>though a session with Google could prove me wrong.
>Also the device may be drawing too much surrent from the USB port,
>out of the range of the specs, and that's why it is locking up.
>Just speculation.
>Try powering up wih the device already inserted. You still won't get
>a module loade, but the PC might still work.

Thanks for the advice - the pc does freeze when you start it up with the 
usb connected. I found something on a search saying 'try kernel 2.6'. 
Presumably using a newer version kernel with a distribution designed 
around an older one is a recipe for complications? Not that I would have 
a clue how to do that anyway!

Will Napier

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