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Wed Feb 11 09:58:09 UTC 2004

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 08:51:39AM +0000, Tethys wrote:
> Christopher Hunter writes:
> >Perhaps you should investigate a few of the other suppliers - Currys, Dixons 
> >and PC World are INVARIABLY overpriced for anything computer related.
> Sorry, but this is just not true. Currys and Dixons, I'd agree with, but
> PC World actually sell some stuff at reasonable prices. Yes, they sell a
> lot of overpriced stuff too, but if you go in armed with prices from other
> stores (both on and offline), you may be surprised by what you find. I
> bought my last printer from them, for example, at a very reasonable price.

I have to agree with that, I got my last printer (epson photo 900) from in
store for 75 quid even though the displayed price was 100, I just told them it
was cheaper on their website and they said I could have it for the online price
no problem. I will admit that I didn't buy the usb cable to connect it to my
computer from them though, they wanted about 15 quid!! so I ordered some from 
ebuyer for about 70p each.

Anyways, PCWorld sometimes have bargains and offers if you keep an eye out (my
brother bought his first PC (pentium 75!!) from PCWorld in Norwich when they
first opened the store as a special offer, he had to camp out overnight but got
it for 500 quid when all other computers of that spec were at least over a 

They also don't take their time about returns, if you return a faulty item they
will replace it on the spot if possible (most etailers I know of take at least
4 or 5 days to sort out returns) and for some small items (not usb cables ;))
it works out cheaper than buying online when you take into account postage
costs, another example would be a bulk pack of CD-Rs which I got from PCWorld 
in a offer where I got 100 discs for 10 quid which was about 30% cheaper than
any online store.

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