TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

Mike Brodbelt mike at
Thu Feb 12 00:05:01 UTC 2004

Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> People with less faith in human nature than you...  Some might call
> them "realists".

Challenge response systems aren't a manifestation of realism. They're a
demonstration that the owner of the mailbox perceives his/her time to be
more important than the time of the people sending mail to that mailbox.

> I happily predict that you, and everyone else, will have some form of
> challenge-response filter on your mail box in two years' time.

I disagree. I get an enormous amount of spam. By using a gateway
anti-virus, spamassassin, and mozilla's bayesian filtering, I see almost
none of it. The spam I receive has gone steadily up over the past few
years, but the spam I see hasn't (as long as I have the filtering set up
right). Deleting the odd thing that makes it through really isn't much
of a burden.

> I can't see any other way.  Soon as I get some decent infrastructure
> in place, I'll be going that way myself.

Your choice, but I think it's both unnecessary and anti-social.


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