TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

Doug Winter doug at
Tue Feb 17 14:59:06 UTC 2004

On Tue 17 Feb David Damerell wrote:
> SPF does have a number of dangerous deficiencies, but at least it
> passes the most basic tests; it admits of gradual adoption (failed by
> Microsoft's computational challenge) and does not require fiddly
> end-user operations (failed by most current challenge-response
> schemes).

I think the only reasonable thing we can do on all these email protocol
changes is wait for the IETF.  They're going to take ages, but we can be
pretty certain they'll not muck it up.  There are just so many corner
cases that have to be dealt with, as well as the basic issues of freedom
that others have mentioned.


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