OT: [Gllug] Debian or Slack

Mamading Ceesay linux at evangineer.force9.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 19:51:12 UTC 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:00:19 +0000
Martin A. Brooks wrote:

> Slackware is unusable in a production environment[0].  For example,
> how would you maintain your slackware server if there was no compiler
> available?  Supposing you have 10 boxes not 1, or 150?

I take it that you are unfamiliar with tools such as swaret and
slapt-get.  Both allow you to maintain a repository for custom slackware
packages and also allow the use of multiple package repositories, so
that for instance linuxpackages.net can be used as a source of binaries.

Personally, I maintain a local slackware mirror using rsync and have
slapt-get on all my slackware boxes. 

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