[Gllug] YellowDog/SuSE/Debian?????& Mac 7300/200

Harvey Kelly harvey.kelly at kcl.ac.uk
Sat Feb 21 15:25:35 UTC 2004

Thanks to all those who posted.

I'd love to be able to wget, or anything else to be honest but this is
not my 
system, and sysadmin won't install anything 'funny'... Jeez, give me


>On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Harvey Kelly wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Argh. Gnash. Grrr.
>> After watching an approx 650mb iso image download here (not at
>> IE 
>> (for pity's sake) just died.
>Once you have Linux, wget is your friend.
>wget --continue will resume a download from where it left off.
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