[Gllug] Rejecting mail at backup MX

Bruce Richardson itsbruce at uklinux.net
Tue Feb 10 14:10:38 UTC 2004

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 01:48:28PM +0000, Alain wrote:
> Hmmm, since the purpose of a backup MX is to receive mail while the primary
> is off the net, this is somewhat self defeating. 


No, that isn't the purpose of a backup MX.  It's one of the functions
but not the only one.  It is entirely possible for there to be a
situation where arbitrary e-mail box A cannot connect to B's primary but
can route to B's secondary even though B's primary is up and running and
perfectly visible to the secondary.  I see this happen every day.
Furthermore, spammers and viruses often deliberately target secondaries,
trying to bypass the defensive features on the primary.  The
call-forward feature prevents them from succeeding.

Secondly, I clearly stated that it can be configured to allow the
messages through when the end system is not availab.e


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