TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

Doug Winter doug at
Wed Feb 18 09:33:32 UTC 2004

On Tue 17 Feb Bruce Richardson wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 02:59:06PM +0000, Doug wrote:
> > pretty certain they'll not muck it up.  There are just so many corner
> > cases that have to be dealt with, as well as the basic issues of freedom
> > that others have mentioned.
> Secondly, systems like SPF don't change any of those notional rights.
> [ranting snipped]

SPF changes who can send email from which domains.  Lots and lots of
people have email addresses at ISPs, rather than the vanity domains that
most of us geeks use.  These people can currently send email from
anywhere, including from other ISPs network.  This is not an uncommon
use, especially for mobile users.  

It's also common for people working from home to be able to send email
from their business email address through their ISPs mail servers.  Sure
there are technical solutions to this, but if it was all implemented
right now, a bunch of people would lose a useful feature of the Internet
they have now.

You may think it's perfectly reasonable for DNS ownser to control which
servers can send email when their addresses are in their domains - it's
not an unreasonable position.  However, it does change one of the basic
freedoms that we have, to send email from any address we choose.

I'd like to see the IETF come up with something here, because they have
a long track record of successfully negotiating some very tricky
technical and social issues.


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