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Thus spaketh Bruce Richardson on Tuesday 17 February 2004 4:02 pm:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 02:59:06PM +0000, Doug wrote:
> > pretty certain they'll not muck it up.  There are just so many corner
> > cases that have to be dealt with, as well as the basic issues of freedom
> > that others have mentioned.
> Which basic freedoms are those, then?  Firstly, there are no civil
> rights on the net, there are only unresolved legal issues and technical
> loopholes.  Almost everybody who has an internet connection is paying
> for the privilege, which is no basis for any kind of citizenship.

"Paying for the privilege" is a well-established form of a citizenship. 

Those who pay more than 50,000 a year in taxes may find that a number of Swiss 
Cantons are willing to cap their tax demand at that 50,000, if the rich wish 
to move there. The rich get one year's benefit of citizenship, the Canton 
gets 50,000 more tax pounds at a marginal cost to themselves at almost zero.

CTTHOI, both the British and Americans will provide residency to those who are 
bringing money in. While not quite full citizenship, it's not far off: 
foreigners who own US companies with more than 10 employees, or who have 
USD-250,000 or more to invest, are fasttracked through the US system (at 
least in the later 90s) to be given rights of residence. The British do 
something similar. And once you have rights of residence, you can do all a 
native can including, in America, vote. 
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