[Gllug] U.S. Presidency

t.clarke tim at seacon.co.uk
Tue Feb 24 12:23:03 UTC 2004

Since the 'off-topic' subject of US citizenship and the inability of a
naturalised citizen to become President seems to be current, I thought you
might appreciate the following received by email yesterday:-


Here's a dilemma for you.... be honest and decide what you would do.

You're in Florida...In Miami, to be exact...
There is great chaos going on around you, caused by a hurricane and severe
There are huge masses of water everywhere.
You are a CNN photographer and you are in the middle of this great disaster.

The situation is nearly hopeless.

You're trying to shoot very impressive photos.
There are houses and people floating around you, disappearing into the
Nature is showing all its destroying power and is ripping everything away
with it.

Suddenly you see a man in the water, fighting for his life, trying not to be
taken away by the masses of water and mud.
You move closer.
Somehow the man looks familiar...
Suddenly you realise who it is - it's George W. Bush!

At the same time you notice that the raging waters are about to take him
away, forever.
You have a chance to save him or you can take the best photo of your life, a
Pulitzer prize winning photo, a unique photo displaying the death of one of
the world's most powerful men.

And here's the question (please give an honest answer): {SCROLL DOWN}

Would you select colour film, or rather go with the simplicity of classic
black and white?

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