[Gllug] does anybody here do domestic linux install/support ?

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 10:29:40 UTC 2004

On Thu 12 Feb, John Hearns wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Stephan Bourgeois wrote:
> > Following this fascinating thread about PC World, I had the impression 
> > someone here might be doing domestic install / support.
> > 
> > from his Windoze drive. He has a budget for this (including paying for 
> > the linux install and advice). Is anybody here doing this sort of thing 
> > for a living ?
> > 
> Don't know, but its a good idea.
> You forget to mention the general area you are in.
> My best advice would be to get a copy of Knoppix and bring this
> to your friend.

   Could he get along to one of the GLLUG meetings (with or without the

   I expect that most of us have given assistance to family and friends, and
discovered that giving individual help to individual persons can vary from a
quick setup and demonstration, to a permanent helpline. Kit can vary between
the latest gizmo which does not yet have a driver, to the box in the corner
which never seemed to work properly with any OS.

   About 20 years ago a friend started supplying and maintaining computer
equipment, mainly to business and local authority customers. After about 15
years renting an office/workshop in a business centre he decided to transfer
the business to a shop nearer to his present home in Southall. He put a
minimum charge on all repairs and servicing, but still found that much of
his time was spent trying to be helpful to potential customers who did not
wish to spend money, and selling low value low profit accessories. Yes, he
builds and supplies kit to order, and his prices are reasonable for the
quality of kit he supplies; but in fact the profits are now tiny compared to
the costs involved.

Chris Bell

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