[Gllug] Some Advice on SUS licencing.

Roger Whittaker roger at suse.co.uk
Sat Feb 7 16:14:04 UTC 2004

On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, David Abbishaw wrote:

> I'm hoping that someone on here might be able to answer this, I tried 
> asking over at the suse irc room but no one was helpful. 
> Most linux distributions can be run for free with only a small cost if 
> you want support or a cd set, my question is really, whats the deal with 
> SUSE,  can I take a copy of a friends CDs and use it support free 
> without paying SUSE a penny and be legit or am I in the same boat I'd be 
> in if I did the same thing with an Windows XP CD?

You need to read the yast licence which is on the first CD and also here:

What this says (roughly, in the section shown below) is that you can't 
copy the disks for sale.

3. Dissemination
   It is forbidden to reproduce or distribute data carriers which have
   been reproduced without authorisation for payment without the prior
   written consent of SuSE Linux AG or SuSE Linux.  Distribution of
   the YaST 2 programme, its sources, whether amended or unamended in full
   or in part thereof, and the works derived thereof for a charge require
   the prior written consent of SuSE Linux AG.

   All programmes derived from YaST 2, and all works derived thereof as a
   whole or parts thereof may only be disseminated with the amended
   sources and this licence in accordance with 2b).  Making YaST 2 or
   works derived thereof available free of charge together with SuSE
   Linux on FTP Servers and mailboxes is permitted if the licences on the
   software are observed.

Note that although we don't offer iso images for most SUSE versions, you 
can install by FTP, and you can install multiple machines from one disk 
set of 9.0.

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