[Gllug] Some Advice on SUS licencing.

Ian Northeast ian at house-from-hell.demon.co.uk
Sat Feb 7 14:15:51 UTC 2004

David Abbishaw wrote:
> I'm hoping that someone on here might be able to answer this, I tried 
> asking over at the suse irc room but no one was helpful.
> Most linux distributions can be run for free with only a small cost if 
> you want support or a cd set, my question is really, whats the deal with 
> SUSE,  can I take a copy of a friends CDs and use it support free 
> without paying SUSE a penny and be legit or am I in the same boat I'd be 
> in if I did the same thing with an Windows XP CD?

This is perfectly OK as long as he or she does not charge you anything. 
AIUI (s)he is not even allowed to charge for media, but that isn't an 
issue if you supply the CDs or borrow the SuSE ones and copy them yourself.

Regards, Ian

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