[Gllug] 3 and linux

Christopher Hunter chrisehunter at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Feb 14 08:47:52 UTC 2004

On Saturday 14 Feb 2004 4:11 am, Jon Masters wrote:

> Has anyone else here managed to get one of the other networks to offer a
> lower tarrif to match? I have no interest in video mobiles and zero
> interest in ring tones (I tried the Free Software song on a mobile once
> and everyone quite rightfully hated it) or most of the other ludicrous
> "selling points" of modern mobiles and networks, but I like the idea of
> not having to pay Vodaphone 30 pounds per month for a business deal.

Orange seem to be the most interested in competing for your business - I moved 
to them a couple of years ago, and have no significant complaints.  The only 
thing to watch out for is "cross-network" calls - these tend to be very 
expensive (on any network!).


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