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Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Sun Feb 15 00:24:37 UTC 2004

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Christopher Hunter wrote:

| Orange seem to be the most interested in competing for your business -
I moved
| to them a couple of years ago, and have no significant complaints.

I have an Orange account as a backup to the Vodaphone and for personal
calls because I find it the most effective second line (I can turn off
the business 31337 number everyone knows if I want to without having to
use any phone options which I would with a virtual line2).

Orange have only once significantly annoyed me and that was when one of
their operators believed I was shouting (must have been a problem with
the internal network at their end amplifying the audio or something) and
not believing me when I said that I was indeed not - so they decided to
be offensive and rude. I complained and got an apology but I hold that
in the same regard as I do the letter from Chris Green's office
apologising for the lousy performance of Virgin Trains over the three
years or more I have been using their service.

In recent times Orange have dropped Everyday 50 so I am in the situation
that I do not want to leave them because I find that taffif great for
calling my friends in the evenings while Vodaphone give me cross network
minutes during the day. I think I need to tell Vodaphone I am leaving
again and see what the bribe is this time around - last time I basically
got a free phone and reduced line rental for an upgrade and renewal.

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