PC World, was Re: [Gllug] SCO Stuff

Ian Northeast ian at house-from-hell.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 23:03:10 UTC 2004

Phil Reynolds wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 08:43:07PM +0000, Ian Northeast wrote:
>>My family certainly seem to think I am an expert in an operating system 
>>I only keep a copy of (in VMware) to support my Dad's PC. They do not 
>>understand that supporting UNIX and Linux for a job does not make me a 
>>Windows expert.
> Since I began to let my Windows skills slide, it seems my dad did too...
> he even asked me how to set the default printer in Windows XP the other
> week - not that that's changed in years.

Well you've got one over me there, Phil. I never *had* any Windows 
skills. Not what I'd call skills anyway, although when I see some of the 
people who "support" Windows I do wonder.

I am fortunate, I think, that at work we have a Windows server 
department who not only actually do know Windows servers, but also 
comprehend that there is a world outside which they need to coexist 
with. Of course, I take the same attitude and cooperate with them. We 
have mutual respect between our departments and neither would like to do 
the other's job.

Regards, Ian

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