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Phil Reynolds phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
Wed Feb 11 23:19:39 UTC 2004

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 11:03:10PM +0000, Ian Northeast wrote:
> Well you've got one over me there, Phil. I never *had* any Windows 
> skills. Not what I'd call skills anyway, although when I see some of the 
> people who "support" Windows I do wonder.

Had I been introduced to Linux earlier, I would probably have dropped
Windows for all my own purposes at version 3.0.

As it was, it took some years for me to get round to installing Linux on
my then-only machine. I kept Windows on it but used it only twice before
the disk it was on failed some months later. I then managed without
Windows for a period of some 18 months before I had enough kit knocking
around to make my then-fifth machine a Windows box (having set up
machines with FreeBSD and NetBSD and my first dual-processor box on
which I ran Linux). There's not much I keep it for, but next-to-nothing
I ever wanted Windows for worked when I tried it using wine.

> I am fortunate, I think, that at work we have a Windows server 
> department who not only actually do know Windows servers, but also 
> comprehend that there is a world outside which they need to coexist 
> with. Of course, I take the same attitude and cooperate with them. We 
> have mutual respect between our departments and neither would like to do 
> the other's job.

Our Windows systems department draw a blank if you need help with
something that is not 100% Windows... but they did, fortunately, say to
those of us who received new laptops "feel free to dual-boot". One
member of the team even said "You Linux users give us less trouble than
everyone else" to me when I was having a problem in Windows, with
software they had installed. Sadly, neither the modem nor the WLAN work
in Linux so I do use Windows sometimes.

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