[Gllug] X terminal or diskless workstation - views?

Tethys tet at createservices.com
Tue Jul 27 13:34:37 UTC 2004

Peter Childs writes:

>    I'm not too sure at the difference between the two options, they 
>seam the same to me. ie a X terminal would be a diskless workstation, to 
>do anything your going to need to load stuff off your server, 
>(applications) by loading the apps on the server thouse using shared 
>librarys do not have to load the librarys more than once so you save on 
>memory. If you load the apps locally you have to send the entire apps 
>over the network to load them into the clients memory that can bog down 
>your network. In short its an argument of bogging down your network in 
>traffic and your server in disk transactions and bogging down your 
>server when it has 3 copies of openoffice or the like loaded.

The difference is where the applications run. With an X terminal, they
run on the server. With a diskless workstation, they run on the client.

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