[Gllug] Re: K12LTSP 1.1

Ian Northeast ian at house-from-hell.demon.co.uk
Sun Jul 25 09:54:07 UTC 2004

Michael Jenson wrote:
> Dear John and others.
> I have come to a stop in my project to make two diskless
> workstations connect to K12LTSP.
> I start dhcp manualy in /usr/sbin/dhcp, it starts listenenig 
> on eth1, but it sais and exits:
> ==
> Listening on socket/eth1/WORKSTATIONS
> Sending on   socket/eth1/WORKSTATIONS
> No subnet declaration for eth0 (192.168 .xx. xx)  
> Please write a subnet declaration in your dhcpd.conf file
> for the network segment to which the eth0 is attached
> exiting 

So either:

Do what it says and write a subnet declaration to correspond with eth0

or tell it not to listen on eth0 by passing it the list of interfaces 
you do want it to listen on (eth1 apparantly).

Regards, Ian

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