[Gllug] X terminal or diskless workstation - views?

Peter Childs blue.dragon at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jul 27 13:26:53 UTC 2004

John Winters wrote:

>Having got my little Mini-ITX box booting over the LAN I'm torn between
>two different ways of configuring it - X terminal (logging in to the
>server) or diskless workstation.  Anyone any views on pros and cons of
>the two approaches?
>Can one have sound on an X terminal (driven by apps running on the X
>client machine)?

    I'm not too sure at the difference between the two options, they 
seam the same to me. ie a X terminal would be a diskless workstation, to 
do anything your going to need to load stuff off your server, 
(applications) by loading the apps on the server thouse using shared 
librarys do not have to load the librarys more than once so you save on 
memory. If you load the apps locally you have to send the entire apps 
over the network to load them into the clients memory that can bog down 
your network. In short its an argument of bogging down your network in 
traffic and your server in disk transactions and bogging down your 
server when it has 3 copies of openoffice or the like loaded.
    I asume your using ltsp (or www.ltsp.org) I've got 30 thin clients 
network booting with sound and able to run sound, local applications and 
currently have about 50% plugged in they all run fine on a 100Mbs Network,
    Sound uses nasd currently although there are other options.
    I would surgest you look at the ltsp web site (linux terminal server 

Peter Childs
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