[Gllug] belated comment on XML

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Wed Jul 7 09:45:45 UTC 2004

This one time, at band camp, t.clarke wrote:
> Having been forced to extract data from an XML shipping-manifest and thus
> figure out some of XML's complexities, I can't help feeling that the language
> suffers from being designed by committee.

Yes.  By this committee:

and then this committee:

Standards don't have to be perfect, just uniformly applied, to be

And you should be using libraries, viewers and the like, not
attempting to grok it in text.  XML _is_ human-readable, but then so
is Perl.  Ostensibly.  Human-readability has been sacrificed,
somewhat, to internal rigour.

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- Douglas Adams on Windows '95.
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