[Gllug] Free book (again)

Russell G. Howe rhowe at wiss.co.uk
Thu Jul 22 22:27:37 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 03:56:43PM +0100, Matthew King wrote:
> I shall be at Lonix tonight with the book and its inset CDs. I remember 
> someone saying they may want a copy of these, so I have ripped all 3 
> (three!) as they can be posted at a later date.
> This has been CCd to Pawel, the original requester, but I don't want to 
> take it home again (weighs a bloody tonne) so it'll probably go to 
> whoever asks for it first.

The book has been passed to Richard Cohen (Leeds) for him to pass on to

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