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Alistair Mann gllug at lgeezer.net
Tue Jul 20 09:34:42 UTC 2004

Thus spaketh Xander D Harkness on Monday 19 Jul 2004 18:27:
> I have just purchased a Garmin GPS etrex and while many people have
> stated that it is the best supported and there is lots of software for
> it.  It seems that that  there is a wealth of software available;
> however many of the maps were very US orientated.  Rather than fight my
> way through I thought it may be prudent to ask for recommendation for
> software that they found useful and stable. :-)

I use linux/etrex for my business, particularly with war-driving. I use Kismet 
for mapping out where I have been, and with it, Microsoft's mapping site. 

Kismet at www.kismetwireless.net
Microsoft at www.mapblast.com (note, the map is pulled down by gpsmap, part of 
the kismet package rather than by hand)
Example of what can be achieved at http://www.lgeezer.net/map.png
map covers North London: Regents Park to the East End and north to just shy of 
Alexandra Palace.

Alistair Mann

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