[Gllug] ADSL modem -- WTF?

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 13:21:45 UTC 2004

On Thu 15 Jul, Tethys wrote:
> I went up to TCR the other lunchtime to try and get a simple ADSL
> bridge/router for my parents' imminent ADSL line. When I went and
> asked, the salesdroids all asked if I already had a modem[1]. WTF?
> Given that there is no modulation/demodulation going on, it's got
> to be a marketing ploy, as that's a term people are used to. But
> what is it? You can buy a standalone ADSL modem, an ADSL router,
> or a single box with the two combined. If the "modem" is the bit
> that handles the PPPoA, then what's the router (i.e., what makes
> it specifically an ADSL router as opposed to any other IP router)?
   An ADSL router has provisions for NAT, perhaps DHCP, but not neccessarily
a built-in hub or switch because it is designed to connect directly to an
existing system. I have an ASUS router with single ADSL connection and
single ethernet, plus serial for optional control, (although this model is
no longer available from Solwise Ltd). I could check to see what is
available from my local small distributor in North Acton, probably Origo,
D-Link, and Netgear. I see also that there is a D-Link external ADSL single
Ethernet Modem listed at


Chris Bell

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