[Gllug] Jobs Sites and Universities [slightly off-topic]

Martyn Drake martyn at drake.org.uk
Thu Jul 1 10:57:41 UTC 2004

Christopher Hunter originally wrote:

> Likewise - the best engineers and programmers I ever hired hadn't
> been to University.

I left university because I was bored with the whole thing after the second
year.  Working in the fledling ISP industry at the time was far more
intriguing for me.  Tinkering with Linux (with pre version 1 kernels),
setting up Apache, configuring Sendmail and DNS, and understanding our
routers worked was infinitely more interesting and more worthwhile than
sitting in a lecture theatre.  What is more it gave me practical work
experience and I was getting paid for it too.  I left university with a
diploma rather than a degree, but it hasn't hindered me when getting jobs.
> These days, many "degrees" are largely worthless since EVERY college
> of further educashun is now called a "university"!

That or you can buy your own degree or PHD over the Internet ;)



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