[Gllug] Resonably priced SBCs or similar

Simon Perry gllug at si-designs.co.uk
Fri Jul 30 15:32:20 UTC 2004

Ashley Evans wrote:

> Hi,
> For work I've been asked to build a prototype linux based dsl 
> router/email server etc to install on client sites, just small 
> business stuff. The software side of this is easy. 
> Debiam/exim/bind/webmin and other bits.
> The biggest problem I've got is finding a decent hardware platform. 
> I've look at:
>    Openbrick NG - seems perfect. can't seem to find a supplier
>    MicroATX - basically a PC. Seems to be an overkill on features and 
> has unknown realiability. These just don't seem right for the job.
>    Single board computer w/ case similar to tha range  sold at 
> impulse.co.uk
> Just wondered if anyody had any other avenues of inquery for hardware 
> to suite.
I have just bought two mini-ITX based boxes from www.linitx.com for 
firewall use and I'm very pleased. They have various options that I 
think would be ideal for the type of utility box you are talking about. 
I have also used ASUS Terminator P4s[0] and Pundits[1], from 
www.ingrammicro.com [2], in other projects - these run very quietly and 
so far without problem.


[0] http://uk.asus.com/products/desktop/termp4_533a/overview.htm
[1] http://uk.asus.com/products/desktop/pundit-r/overview.htm
[2] IE only site... the muppets. Oh and you'll need a trade account with 
them first

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