[Gllug] LP jobs owned by root, so CUPS can't cancel them.

Tom Schutzer-Weissmann trmsw at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 14 15:09:06 UTC 2004

Hi Roy

> I think that what you are looking for is in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.  The
> comments starting at line 250 (on my version) refer to Filter Options and
> the User and Group settings are commented out.

That's not it. The job owner is an attribute of the job, and gets set by whatever injects the job into the queue. Nothing to do with filters.
So Samba can do this by setting the print command to pass the Samba username to the lpr command:
print command =       /usr/bin/lpr  -U%U@%M -P%p -r %s,

The whole thing is a bit of a red herring; the server's Mac OS X, and we haven't figured out how to get even basic authentication to work for CUPS. Once we figure that out, we can set up a printadmin user that has ultimate power over the print queue, but nothing else.

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