[Gllug] Firewall setup Routing

Simon Perry gllug at si-designs.co.uk
Wed Jul 7 12:17:17 UTC 2004

Thanks to all those who have responded so far...

Smoothwall / IPCop were my first choices as well but both suffer the
same problem as they derive from the same project. They only support one
red interface NIC, it is possible to set up an alias on that NIC to
support both  the ADSL and Router. The downsides here are that I would
need a switch to connect all 3 devices which would of course mean I
would be joining my ADSL and private leased line networks. There would
also be a fair amount of hacking required to double up the NAt'ing and
support the required routing that would always be at the mercy of any
new security patches or upgrades.

I'll investigate openBSD + pf and also fwbuilder then report back.

Thanks again


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