[Gllug] how far do ppl go to live without M$?

Will Napier will at willnapier.com
Tue Jul 27 13:57:09 UTC 2004

> i doubt very much that the phone can be used as any kind of block  
> device, you will probably have to send some obscure escape sequence in  
> minicom to get it talking,
> have you tried exploring the irda option? i vaguely remember that the  
> software i managed to find on some yugoslav samsung page lets me  
> transfer images and stuff via irda.
> Ian

Ian thanks for this - the irda option is apparently no good for transfer  
of photos as there is too much data involved. Here's a wider question:

I don't know (and I'm not asking now!) what an escape sequence is, or what  
minicom is, and I don't know any Serbian. I'm just a normal guy trying to  
make a point in life by demonstrating it is perfectly possible to live  
without Microsoft products. For the last year I have pretty much managed  
this, unless you count some fonts I use from Windows 98. I have managed  
this thanks to generous advice offered in lists and forums such as this.  
Unfortunately in this case, I have had to resort to using my wife's  
Windows box to download the photos. It wounds my pride somewhat. Sometimes  
I consider doing without certain products than have to use one that  
assumes everyone uses MS Windows. Is that being too bloody-minded? How  
many reading this would do without a non-essential product/service (like  
being able to download digital photos from your phone)? Or are most of the  
people on here sufficiently technical to find a solution?

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