[Gllug] We need more talks for Saturday!

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Fri Nov 19 23:46:08 UTC 2004

OK, folks.

  If your planning to come along to the GLLUG meeting, we'd welcome more 
people to give some more "lightning talks", so if you have something cool to 
show us, or just want to stand up and have a rant, please feel free make your 
self know at the meeting, and we'll give you a opportunity.

  -- Steve/highbury

On Wednesday 17 November 2004 08:18, GLLUG Organiser <gllugadmin at gllug.org.uk> 
> The Greater London Linux User Group, is having another meeting.
> 	Apologies for the short notice for this meeting, we have been
> 	short of volunteers to organise this meeting, and we almost
> 	didn't have it. But since it'll probably be the last meeting
> 	for this year; we thought we should make the effort to get
> 	together. The details for speakers are still being finalised,
> 	but we thought we'd also let anybody who wants to "show and tell"
> 	do so!
> 	Hopefully we'll update the web site with any further details
> 	before the meeting. So looking forward to seeing you there.
> 		-- Steve
>   There is a GLLUG meeting on Saturday 20th November 2004,
>   between 1:30pm and 5pm.
>   We will be meeting in the New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster
>   University. This is in the shadow of the BT Tower, the nearest tube
>   stations are Great Portland Street, Warren Street and Goodge Street.
>   You will find a map at http://www.wmin.ac.uk/cavendish/Map.htm
>   or via the html version of this announcement on the GLLUG website
>   [http://www.gllug.org.uk/meeting-20041220.html]
>   NOTE: you will need to sign in at the front desk to gain access to the
>   building.
>   This event is FREE to members and non-members alike, if you want to
>   join GLLUG, sign on to the gllug-announce mailing list, detailed on
>   the Online page of the GLLUG web site [http://www.gllug.org.uk].
> ========
>   The meeting will start at 1:30pm with a series of Lightning Talks (each
>   talk lasting no longer than 15 minutes). [details to come]
> ================
>   We will have one lab area, down in the basement, room number LG17.
>   There will be signs directing people there.
>   People can also bring and setup their own machines. You can do this
>   if you have something to show off, or you are looking for a solution
>   to some problems. If your are bringing in your own machine, make sure
>   you sign it in when you arrive, otherwise security won't let you take
>   it when you go! We'll have monitors, keyboards, mice, and powerleads
>   available. [So no need to lug all that stuff].
>   We should have access to some of the latest iso images and some
> CD-Burners.
>   If you decide to bring a PC, please have the serial number written
>   down ahead of time, in case it needs to be registered at the ground
>   floor Reception. We may also take a picture of you and your PC as
>   proof of ownership ... or if it's real pretty :-)
>   The lab is where you can go to, should you be looking for sanctuary
>   away from the formal talks. Actually, if we're lucky the Refectory on
>   the ground floor will have its food and drinks machines restocked;
>   I believe its just been refurbished.
> =================
>   After the meeting, for those that want, the group will probably move
>   off to 'The Green Man' public house, opposite Great Portland Street
>   Tube, about 8 minutes walk away.
>   Even if you were unable to make the daytime meeting, please feel
>   free to join us at the pub; to chat about the issues raised in the
>   talks or anything else that takes your fancy. To help you find the
>   pub, check out the link on the website.
>   Usually we also then go off to one of the cheaper restaurants nearby,
>   else the pub usually serves food.
> ==========
>   If you have any ideas for future events, you can either discuss
>   them on the main mailing list, or get our direct attention by
>   mailing us at gllugadmin at gllug.org.uk
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