[Gllug] Help With Virus

Christopher Hunter chrisehunter at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Nov 6 00:51:59 UTC 2004

On Friday 05 Nov 2004 17:11, Kristian Davies wrote:

> Make sure the windows clients have an effective and up to date anti-virus
> program installed and make sure it's not disabled :-)

Remember - all those "anti-virus" programmes are reactive.  There are NONE 
that can detect anything really new.  The large number of Windoze sysadmins 
who believe they're invulnerable because they've "got the latest patches" and 
downloaded all the "latest virus definitions" are the ones causing the huge 
problems with the rapidly spreading virii, trojans and worms.  

There are several worms that specifically target XP SP2 installations!

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