[Gllug] Re: usb printing nightmare

Richard Huxton dev at archonet.com
Fri Jul 22 09:29:58 UTC 2005

Peter Childs wrote:
>    You don't need apache, Cups runs its own web server on port 631, Just 
> point any browser at the port. This is usally the best method to 
> configure cups anyway.

I've always found it OK. If the driver list is a bit short, you should 
be able to get more from linuxprinting.org

>    Infact its not a web server but IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) 
> which from what I can work out is a protocol built on top of http to 
> support printing. I think its a standard that even some network printers 
> follow but I have not seen one as yet.
>    Anyway its very useful and makes it quite easy to work out what your 
> printer is up to.

I've always found the access-permissions part of the config file overly 
confusing. The comments seem to have been improved in more recent ones, 
but I remember it seeming a very long file when I first looked at it.

   Richard Huxton
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