[Gllug] Authentication in apache2 against a Windows domain

Jon Dye jon at pecorous.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 09:39:42 UTC 2005


Does anyone know if it is possible to setup apache to authenticate users 
against a Windows domain controller?

We have a Windows network here at work and we have a linux machine 
running apache that we want to put in our DMZ for access by employees 
externally.  We'd like to only allow access to authenticated users over 
https but we'd rather not keep a separate set of usernames and passwords 
on the box because we can't sync them with the domain controller.

One thought I had was using apache against PAM and then using PAM to 
authenticate using Samba against the domain controller but I have very 
limited knowledge of PAM and don't know how easy this is.

Any ideas appreciated.

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