[Gllug] Sound recording - distortion

Ken Smith Kens at kensnet.org
Tue Jun 14 08:11:51 UTC 2005

> > > Is distortion a common problem when recording sound using a VIA
> > > 8237-based motherboard? I am finding it so but was wondering if there
> > > was a known good way to fix it.
> >
> > Is the volume level going into the card too high? Is there another
input -
> > you might be using the Mic level one by mistake.
> Well, I am definitely using the line-level input...
> The input is from a standard hi-fi amplifier (tape loop).
> I have tried reducing the level (snd kept sticking but audacity is OK)
> but I still get noticeable "mush" and squeaking.

Earth disconnected, some feedback path somewhere leading to squeeking, Some
strange setting leading to a feedback path in the sound sub-system - ALSA
settings. I have an SBLive with that problem if I set ALSA mixer  wrongly.
Pickup from the inverter in the PSU. You could try putting the SB128 in
there - somehow I doubt the MB sound input would be that awful (IE: 10-15 db
S/N ratio) but its awful hard to get really good performance from an A/D
that's inside a PC. Its better to digitise sound externally and bring it
into a PC as digital S/PDIFF or AES/EBU.


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